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One of the SyngineeringNDT pillars is its commitment to employee development. One way the company has promoted employee development is through its partnership with some of the leading aviation firms in the world. SyngineeringNDT has sponsored several of its employees to become NDT Certified Professionals. Each certification required self-study, classroom training, and exams, all which carried a cost.  SyngineeringNDT funded the certification efforts, and in turn in the employee's development.


SyngineeringNDT hires individuals that are committed to understanding the business challenges our clients face.  We support our technical staff with frequent training sessions and participation in industry events. Our technicans and inspectors are encouraged to speak at user groups and conferences.


We strive to create an environment for every individual at SyngineeringNDT to succeed, because we truly believe that is how SyngineeringNDT will achieve success. Our people are genuinely committed to the success of the company, because we all believe in winning together and sharing the rewards of long-term growth and success.


We offer above average benefits including flexible work time, exceptional training, and personalized development plans to ensure your career objectives are met. We attract the best and the brightest in our industry, because we are driven to provide our customers with real solutions to their hardest challenges. We promote an atmosphere that engages our people in interesting and exciting efforts, and we allow their creative genius to drive our solutions and the technologies support.


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