SyngineeringNDT, a Veteran Owned Small Business, provides high quality specialized NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) services on a global scale.  We have customers in Aviation, Aerospace industries, Military and Government organizations in diverse geographical locations. Dedicated to service and safety excellence, we continually strive to exceed all of our customers’ expectations on each engagement.



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All of our NDT service offerings are Mobile; additionally; we provide full-service Fly-through and Fly-to NDT services to meet critical schedule sensitive requirements – allowing operators the ability to minimize equipment non-operational time. 


We specialize in quick-turn NDT full-service capabilities. All Mobile  Inspections include a comprehensive NDT Report / Certificate issued and thorough operator debriefing.


Non-Destructive testing is a long word used to describe the means by which materials and structures may be examined without disruption or impairment to their serviceability. Using NDT, internal properties or hidden flaws are revealed by appropriate techniques.


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