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SyngineeringNDT is a premier provider of high quality consulting engineering, testing, and inspection services. For over twenty-five years, SyngineeringNDT has established an excellent reputation with Aviation, Aerospace industries, Military and Government clients. SyngineeringNDT is known for successfully uncovering facts in metallurgy, materials testing, non-destructive testing, and calibrations.


Our professionalism, state-of-the-art processes and superior results, have been the hallmark of our firm throughout our history.


Call: (713) 705-7022 to schedule your professional review.

Thanking our Veterans for their selfless service.


As a Veteran-owned small business, SyngineeringNDT supports those programs to provide assistance to the American Veteran community through health services and job placement outreach. 

FAA Certified Repair Station XW1R627K

Phone:  (713) 705-7022



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