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Employees and management of SyngineeringNDT congratulates Keri Lozano, Repair Station Manager and Jason Hernandez, Chief Inspector for receiving the Next Generation of Maintenance Professional Award from Aircraft Maintenance Technology (AMT) Magazine.


Mobile NDT Services . . . 

on a Global Scale


SyngineeringNDT specialized in Non-Destructive Testing of aircraft and helicopters of all makes and models.  Our experienced inspectors work with manufacturers, owners and operators to develop technically viable NDT inspections on routine and non-routine inspections of airframes, engines and components as necessary.


FAA Certified Repair Station NO. XW1R627K

Call: 800.734.6040


In loving memory of a Houston aviation professional; motorcycle and car enthusiast; and friend to all – Joe “Bobby” Wotipka passed away on December 30, 2015.  President of Hatfield Aviation at the time of his retirement; Bobby was a main stay in aviation and aviation maintenance in Houston for over 46 years.  Following in his father’s footsteps, Bobby was the consummate aviation professional, teacher and coach to many.  In addition to his love for all things aviation, he thoroughly enjoyed sport shooting, and racing hot rod cars.  Generous and kind, Bobby Wotipka always saw the best in people and brought out the best in all individuals in was associated with.  A great man, measured by the people he helped, the skills that he taught, and his love for all things aviation and mechanical, Bobby Wotipka will be remembered and cherished always.  Thank you Bobby.

FAA Certified Repair Station XW1R627K

Phone:  (800) 734-6040



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